Vrushali Vijay Patwardhan

A month ago, I felt sudden pain my chest, I was sweating like anything and my left side was paining. I started feeling breathless quiet often. I was unable  to climb even one staircase. I lost almost 6 to 7 kilos in a month without any efforts. I had lost my appetite. When I consulted my doctor, at first he suspected a mild attack. So I started undergoing several tests under his treatment. Almost all tests were normal and of course I was happy. But my doctor suspected something else. He asked my to get my PET Scan done. And there it was… A lesion in my right breast and some nodes in my armpit. The lesion was deep inside so I couldn’t feel it. We ladies are taught by our doctors to check any abnormality after 30. But this lesion was hiding too deep.
We decided to remove it immediately. The surgery is planned for 27th January 2023. Doctor said unless and until we remove it and get the biopsy done, we cannot say that’s its malignant or not. I know post surgery my movement will be restricted for few days. And if at all it’s malignant, I might have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation, where there is a possibility that I might loose all my hair, which are almost of my waist length.
So I decided to donate hair before the surgery. Atleast they will be useful for someone in need. Accordingly I was searching for an organization who helps cancer patients with wigs. And one of my team member from Vijay Patwardhan Foundation, Chinmay Pataskar told me about your Madat Trust, Chembur, Mumbai. When I contacted, your senior volunteer Mr Prasanna Dhamapurkar gave me all the instructions in detail. And I decided to donate my hair to your organization – “Madat Charitable Trust – Cope With Cancer”. I have already enrolled and filled a form for Organ Donation. But that will be after my death. I realized that the only thing I can donate while I am still alive is my HAIR. I am happy to be able to give something back to the society by this small cause.
I am glad that one of my foundation member Aditi Samudra has also donated her hair to your Madat Trust. She inspired me.
We at Vijay Patwardhan Foundation have decided to work for this noble cause too now onwards. And whoever wishes to donate hair, we will ask them to get in touch with you.I hope my donated hair will help someone. 

– Vrushali Vijay Patwardhan