Volunteers urged the mother to get the baby’s eyes checked

Each member of the #teammadat is an Inspiration.
Want to share this incident with you all. One Wednesday #madatvolunteers were at MSW department at Tata Memorial Hospital. A young lady with a 2-year-old daughter approached Madat for financial aid for her husband who is undergoing treatment for cancer. In the midst of this the 2 yr old was chirping away happily. A bundle of joy with innocence splattered in every gesture she made. So carefree was she that the #madatvolunteers were drawn towards her. She was tiny and like a little bud who would bloom in a few years’ time. When the #teammadat saw her, they were taken aback. She suffers from a squint in both her eyes the severity of which can’t be explained in words. #Madat immediately got into action. When we see suffering that can be resolved and is in our capacity we don’t hold back. The Volunteers urged the mother of the child to get the baby’s eyes checked and also suggested the place where it could be done free of cost. Not only did we take the responsibility of getting corrective glasses made for the baby, but also funded it. The people of MSW were smiling at this gesture. But our biggest reward was the happiness on the face of the young mother. A lady who was struggling to get funds for the treatment of her cancer-stricken husband had a reason to smile. We at #madat were responsible for it.
Our USP #spreadingsmiles.
A kind heart brings joy forever.
Proud of Madat.


– Vandana Mahajan