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Vibhuti Mangal

When i see a cancer patient, i see someone with immense mental strength and love for life. But i also saw unbearable pain n self rejection sometimes and i wondered how could i contribute to their relief, to add a smile to their withered but beautiful lips. So i donated money when i entered into service but i could never felt any personal touch of satisfaction.I came across that famous picture where a lil girl sees herself in mirror with drawing of hair on mirror. I decided to fulfill the promise that i made to myself and to the lil girl of that picture.My heart is feeling a lot lighter.  I am so happy today that i chose to be a part of this wonderful cause coz i know this matters! This is life’s one of the proudest moment and a wonderful achievement. Proud of you guys for doing this! Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to help a fellow human.

-Vibhuti Mangal