Veena Gawai

I’m Veena Gawai & I’m 18 Years. I come from a science background and I know the struggle of cancer patients that they go through each & every day to survive to cope with the disease with ongoing heavy treatments. I come from a very humble background. Being raised by a single mother every day was a challenge for each of us. when I was 11-12 she had to go to her. Job so I used to do braids by myself for school. I used to make twisted braids & used to feel embarrassed at school when girls had perfect braids done by their mothers. Time was flowing through me & my hair was growing together .they are the ones that I spent my longest time with .when no one was there they were. & slowly everyone started calling me Rapunzel as my hair started growing more but I always used to have this thought if I ever cut my hair I’m going to donate it to cancer patients the ones who needs them truly I had my hair but they were of no use to me but it would help someone out there to cope up with their disease to live with confidence so I connected with Ritika Ramtri ma’am and she made me realize that this is the time to take such a step forward so I told her my idea & she said to go forward its very good decision. Asking my mom was a challenge but when I asked her she said go ahead you’re doing it for a good cause it’s your journey I was delighted. Ritika Ma’am connected me to Miss Amruta Salunke who helped me to connect with a cope up with cancer organization for hair donation to cancer patients & to cut my hair. And from that girl who was 12 years & now 18 years she is the first to cut my hair so I was scared about how will it go but she made me very comfortable and I was happy that I went out of my zone to do something for the community.

-Veena Gawai