Vaishnavi Aitwar

One thought make someone’s life happy.
Hello, with lots of happiness and smile on my face and my loved once. I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart to cope with cancer and entire organization who believes to help through donating hair…my motivation was simple to bring smile on someone’s face simple it has so much of emotions, love too. My badi mom was cancer paitient and she passed away before 6 months ago and she was lit. Noverous Xbox of hair loss, that time I realised to donate hair this small sacrifice can bring smile on someone’s face and it gives you internal satisfaction… today I’m I’m feeling so happy but I’ll will be more happy when I get to know someone use my hair and that little smile on that person’s face, God bless you with so much of happiness in your life. 
How much I’m happy I don’t have words to say this..
Karun bagha kharach khup chan vatat.
– Vaishnavi Aitwar