Upasana Valia

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I have been wanting to donate my hair for quite some time in honour of my father, who was a Cancer fighter. He recently passed away on the 9th of February. Even as a kid my hair was always in a Boycut because he loved it so much. Over time I grew it long but he always kept telling me how he would love to see me in short hair. I initially wanted to donate my hair on his birthday which was on 9th January, so as to surprise him and give him some strength, and also to show my gratitude to him. However the length of my hair wasn’t long enough then, and before I had the chance to tell him about my plan of donating my hair he had passed. He always told me to make it my goal to give back to all those who helped us in one way or another. So even if, right now I cannot give back as much as I’ve received to anyone directly I want to atleast work hard enough to reach a position someday in which I could help a family just like ours was helped and make him proud. But for now, as much as I wish he was here to see me take my first baby step towards “giving back” I know that he is watching me from above. So I would really like to donate my hair as a way of expressing my gratitude and I truly hope and wish the best health and all the happiness to whoever receives it.

-Upasana Valia.