Together with the patients, we bust a lot of myths associated with cancer


Our counselling sessions for post op breast cancer is one such area where we the Madat volunteer help find the lost smile and reinstate it.

How we do it- As a volunteer goes in to the room full of post op breast patients along with their caretakers, we are struck by the gloomy atmosphere inside. Despair and a forlorn look on their faces, they all give out vibes of negativity , as if they hv reached the end of their lives.

The first question asked is,” How are you all”. Majority of them have tears rolling down their cheeks.

And that is when madat volunteer gets into action. We get chatting. We discuss everything that is associated with cancer. Its not a lecture that we conduct. I will call it an interactive session. We throw questions at them, they hesitantly open up with their questions! Together with the patients we bust a lot of myths associated with cancer. After two and a half hours, not only are the patients happy but so are their caregivers.

The words ,” we thought cancer was the end of life,but after these 180 min we feel ready to take on life with vigor..we will live and that too well” resonate around me. Each one of them , as they walk out of the room , has a big smile on their faces. Many come up to hug…hugs of course are for free :).A skip in their step , a restored smile n the will to LIVE !!

We at copewithcancer madat will relentlessly work towards infusing a “ray of hope” for every patient we interact with.


– Vandana Mahajan