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Financial Aid

Cancer patients and their families undergo physical, emotional, mental trauma and could also get devastated financially.

Treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital

Patient case file are screened weekly by our senior medical team of volunteers in MSW department of Tata Hospital. Funds sufficient to cover the patient’s treatment plan for the following week are added in the patient’s Trust account in Tata Hospital and cannot be used outside Tata Memorial Hospital. No funds are given directly to the patients.

Our process ensures that the funds are used for what it was specifically intended for. Currently only “General Concessional Category” of patients registered in Tata Hospital are aided. 

Zero wastage, bringing the best value for the money spent

Typical costs at Tata Memorial Hospital Parel, Mumbai

Support Needed For

Discounted cost in INR

CT scan Contrast Enhanced


MRI Contrast Enhanced


PET CT Contrast Enhanced


Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy


ICU stay / Supportive care





A number of doctors and diagnostic centers outside Tata Memorial Hospital are providing us close to  50% discounted rates for surgeries and diagnostics.

Donations can be made by cheque in the name of Madat Charitable Trust and couriered to Madat Trust, c/o Mangal Anand Hospital, 48 Swastik Park, Chembur, Mumbai 400071.

Along with a copy of the PAN card and the address for 80G certificate with the receipt.

Donors may contact us on or or call on +91 22-25277979 or 09869474627 / 09819063704

Thank You

Our heartfelt thanks to all the donors who have made financial contribution to support the investigations and surgeries of economically challenged patients.