Tanvi Rajesh Namjoshi

Hello, I am Tanvi Namjoshi, from nashik a 16 yr old. Would love to express my thoughts on Hair donation. It is a very beautiful n a great thing that people donate their hair to Cancer patients. Because of you the patients at least get a small help, they have hair on their head, like me when I was a kid, I used to be very cautious bout my hair n to keep them healthy to look beautiful; just then I thought what would be the condition of children who have cancer who don’t have hair.And my own grandmother had cancer so I have seen her condition. So I thought to donate my hair , n now finally I hve gone bald. I really hope I helped a person . Your hair r your blessing  . Plz support this good deed. And a small note for for our warriors

“There is a CAN in cancer, because u can beat it”.

– Tanvi Rajesh Namjoshi