Sumedha Banthia

Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” Coming from a family where I have seen so many deaths due to cancer made me think that if I cannot do anything to lessen the patient’s suffering, I can do something that might make them happy; hence I decided to donate my hair. It was definitely a task full of anxiety and mixed emotions as it isn’t easy to donate something you have been attached to since forever. Still, it wasn’t an as arduous task as the pain, suffering, and trauma cancer patients go through.  I decided to donate my hair not to set an example but to give me inner bliss; as for someone, this would be as precious as gold. This one is for the cancer warriors out there: Start the next day with the hope that “Cancer may have started the battle but stay strong because you will finish and win over it.” Lots of hope, positivity, and happiness for everyone out there. 

– Sumedha Banthia