Sreevidya P A

 I’m a doctor from Kerala. I have come across many patients suffering from cancer. As a doctor, the hairloss being a sideeffect of chemotherapy, was a trivial issue to me as compared to the disease and the other side effects of the treatment. I never gave it too much importance. But that opinion changed when I met a young girl with leukemia. She did not know or care about the fatality of the disease, the graver complications of the treatment or the surgery. The only thing that concerned her was the hairloss. I realised the importance of the little things we take for granted everyday. I always preferred my hair short. I never let it grow beyond my shoulders. But since that day, (which is about two years ago) I grew my hair just with the intention of donating it. I urge all the blessed people to do the same. Afterall, is there greater joy than giving?
– Sreevidya P A