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Spandana Kondapalli

Im an mbbs student, doing my 3rd year in Gandhi medical college, Hyderabad.. so I have seen suffering of people from very close.. Everytime I see a diseased patient looking at a healthy person with the regret of not being healthy, I wish so hard that I could do something that would end his/her pain.. or at least give him/her a little happiness.. if I could get even a small smile in that period of suffering, I would do anything for it!! And one day I don’t know how and from where I got a thought that I can donate my hair to cancer organization.. might be because I was constantly thinking of how can I help others or it was just the God’s way of showing me a right path!! But actually After I made that decision my real struggle started.. I and my friend almost searched for 2 months continuously just for the genuine organization.. and finally we found you people!! I was so happy that my search finally came to an end and I can fullfil my wish.. I’m so glad and proud of you people, like out of this universe, that you are doing such great job.. I would want to ask everyone that if you could give something that’s always in your hand and naturally God’s gift to you, to spread happiness, although it might be a small smile, then why not?? Just think about it.. – Spandana kondapalli.