Shreya Raghu Shetty

The last time that I saw my Father, it was to show him my long locks and my last conversation with him included, “See my full length of hair, wanted to make sure I showed them to you before I go bald tomorrow and donate all of my hair.” Funnily enough, I cannot remember his reaction right now, but he knew.
He passed away that night of a cardiac arrest, on the 21st of August 2021. Suddenly.
I mention this because my decision to donate all of my hair was the one last meaningful, eventful life decision that I got to share with my Father. I lost him too soon in life and I miss him and I wanted to stay on track with this last conversations memory that I have with him.
I wanted to donate all of my hair because why not. The world can use a little more kindness. I have no money to donate but what I do have is my hair. Just trying to do what I can.
Here’s hoping to ease another souls journey.
May they hurt a little less and feel a little more confident in their skin.

– Shreya Raghu Shetty