Shreya Garg

I’ve been wanting to get short hair for the past 6 years but I was always scared and indecisive of the fact that how I’d look, whether it’ll suit me or not, how people would react. But then one day I gave a thought about it, that why does that even matter if I’d look good or not? It’s for me and my happiness and why not share that happiness with someone else? So I read many articles and then decided to donate my hair for cancer patients to Cope With Cancer as they provide free wigs to cancer patients. I’ve seen this in real life that how traumatic it is for them to maintain their body image and still feel beautiful after they lose their hair while going through medical treatments. So I donated 17 inches of my hair yesterday on the occasion of Wold Cancer Day and I feel so happy and blessed to bring a smile on someone else’s face. This whole experience was the best that iv’e ever had because even though my hair of no value but still it I felt so good and and blessed to donate for a great cause! Cheers to your amazing work.

-Shreya Garg