Shraddha Yadav

As a doctor i used to see many cancer patients for chemotherapy etc, and sometimes children too, that makes me feel bad. I wanted to do something that makes them feel good. I went for blood donation camp but my Hb was low, and then i heard about this from one of my friend. I told my mother about this concept of donation it was my birthday on 14th feb so we both donated. After donating i felt too good and the most amazing thing was i went to parcel the hair at dtdc Jogeshwari and the parcel guy (Mr Narottam) was not even taking money from me. He said if you are doing something good how can i take money from you. That was really a good gesture. Feeling amazing after donating hair, looking forward to doing it again. And encouraging people to do the same. Thank you so much for this great opportunity.

-Dr Shraddha Yadav