Shohag Biswas

My fourteen year old daughter inspired me to donate hair for underprivileged Cancer Patients who cannot afford a wig. Hair is precious to most women, who wear it proudly like an ornament. when the killer disease hits a woman ,threatening her with death every day, putting her through much fear and challenge every day,she is engulfed in pain. This pain becomes enhanced when she looks into the mirror and finds that she is loosing her hair every day. The ongoing Chemotherapy bereaves her of her hair, putting her into more pain. The rich and privileged often take resort to wigs. It is the underprivileged women cancer patients ,who can hardly afford a wig. the thought that a donation of my hair to this organisation, might bring a little smile to a patient, who is handling the life threatening disease,I felt motivated to donate my hair. Thanks to my daughter!

-Shohag Biswas