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Sheetal Mazagonwalla

I got to know of this cause through Facebook where I happened to see one of my friends donate their hair and this got me thinking and then I googled searched to know more about this cause and what it was all about. I must say I was impressed and  at that very moment I decided I would also contribute to this noble cause, at that  time I had medium length hair which would not help as the length required was minimum 12 inches and thus began my journey of growing my hair. I have always been known to keep changing my hair style  after every year or so, but patiently for two years I continued to grow my hair and finally the day arrived. I have never felt so happy or overwhelmed like this  ever before and I wondered why and now I realize because it was being done for a cause. This is a very small contribution from me to help those who are going through so much pain and still smiling  I wanted to do my bit to help bring a smile of someone face.- Sheetal Mazagonwalla