Samridhi Lamba

Greetings, i wanted to share why i decided to donate hair
During lockdown i started growing out my hair, i used to have short hair back then, it was fun to see them grow. But during the same time, my maternal grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4. She underwent chemo and all the possible treatments but unfortunately she didn’t survive, she suffered for a few months, her suffering made me read all about cancer, i deep dived into it, from diagnosis, to treatment, to the mental trauma and what not, i realised that even the people who did survive felt different, they felt like they didn’t belong because of all the changes they saw in themselves, their confidence takes a toll and a thing as little as a wig that suits them, helps so much with that lost confidence, its easier to feel more like yourself when you look like you did before this huge wave of problems swept you off your feet and took so much from you. I wish everyone who goes through this nothing but the best.
So maybe this one is for my grandma
Lots of love to all the strong people going through this tough journey

– Samridhi Lamba