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Sahib Bhatia

The reason for my donation was quite simple. It was just to help and raise awareness. I started growing out my hair from April 2017, and grew them out until august 2018. A year and half of this journey, was filled with memories. I had never grown out my hair so long. Honestly, I had not even thought that I would be donating my hair for cancer patients when I started growing them out. It was June 2018, and I was thinking about chopping my hair off now. This was the time, when I had seen a friends post on my social media, showing where she recently had given her hair for donation. I asked and found out that it was for cancer patients. She told me the entire process, and how this hair can be later on used to create wigs for them. I was in awe, and intrigued. I started doing my research, and found that a minimum of 12 inches was required. I measured my hair and was disappointed that my hair were only 10 inches. Thus, I decided to grow my hair further out until they were at-least 12 inches. So almost end of August now, and I measured my hair, they were about 13 inches, and I was ready to go to the barber. I have donated my hair to Cope With Cancer: a NGO that helps in not only raising awareness, but also provides a smooth platform for this wonderful initiative. I simply hope that my hair can be used for the same purpose, and would wish that my story gets published, so that it can be used to generate more awareness.  Sahib Bhatia