Ryka Mukherjee

When I reached my teens during the lockdown, I insisted to grow my hair and it became really difficult to manage, but I still wanted to keep it long.
My mom continued to nag in between to make it short so that it becomes easier for me to maintain it. But I still didn’t budge.
One day, I came across your site where I could donate my hair for cancer patients. I was very surprised to know that hair donation is possible in India too. I had some idea about this concept from my favorite Boy band ‘One Direction’ where one member, Harry styles, once donated his hair in the UK for the cancer patients. This became my inspiration, and I started gathering more information about it from different online sites and then took an informed decision to donate my hair to one of those cancer patients who really need it to get their confidence back in life.
I would be really grateful if you could make a wig using my recently cut hair and gift it to a cancer survivor this Christmas. This is the minimum possible thing I could do at 15 years of age.
Thank you for giving this opportunity to many people like me.

– Ryka Mukherjee