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Riya shah

Riya Shah

Today (4th feb ,2018) is WORLD CANCER DAY ! And it is a chance to reflect on what you can do. This sentence can have various interpretations. Mine was , love without expecting the love to be returned. What is really valuable is not anything you get , but what you give. I took this as an opportunity to help the victims of this deadly disease as my friend was one of them and it was petrifying to watch what they have to go through. So , I took the decision of donating my hair and helping them in the littlest way I can . The amount of happiness that I’ve got after doing this is something I cannot put into words. If it takes transforming my look to help the needful , I don’t see a single reason to step back. Hence , this look! 🙂 #copewithcancer #worldcancerday #doitforagoodcause #wecanican – Riya shah