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Rejitha Nath

Rejitha Nath (1)

Over a cup of coffee in Melbourne, a few friends had mentioned to me the idea of donating hair to the people in need. Although I didn’t think it would be possible in the near future, I was determined to give it my best shot. This was something I just had to do, I had told myself. Less than a year later, on a short visit to India, I’m making my humble piece of contribution to Cope With Cancer and my joy knows no bounds. It’s extremely rewarding to know that a gesture as small as donating 12 inches off my hair would mean so much to a strong individual who’s battling cancer. I applaud Tata Memorial Hospital, Madat Trust and every supporting team behind this great initiative for giving us a platform in making our tiny contribution back to the society. Let’s spread the word!  Rejitha Nath