Roopa receipes

Roopa Nabar Recipes

Roopa Nabar Recipes

Roopa was blessed with the company of excellent cooks at home. This generated a passion for cooking in her and she could rediscover herself, after her experienced in medical laboratory technology and microbiology.

Under the auspices of celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor she has demonstrated various aspects of Indian and international cooking on u-tube on ‘sanjeevkapoorkhazana’ site. Recently she has started her own u-tube channel called “My Coastal Kitchen” in collaboration with ‘India Food Network’ where she is reviving all the traditional coastal recipes.

She takes interest in local cuisines, meets the cooks, discusses with them about local specialties and even visit local market to introduce herself with local vegetables.

Roopa says…I am grateful to NGO Madat, & their website for giving me an opportunity to share my dietary recipes and videos on their website, for the benefit of cancer patients. This I do as a part of my humble contribution towards the society.”

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