Archana Doshi Recipes

About Archana Doshi

At the age of eight, Archana put an on apron and began cooking with her mother and has never looked back. She completed her formal education in the field of computers and yoga and when she became a mother she moved on to the world of cooking, baking and photography.

Archana is now the author and owner of Archana’s Kitchen (, a popular healthy vegetarian food blog of recipes, cooking guides and menus.  Her recipes are simple, smart and seasonal that she personally photographs in her own kitchen creating a unique and signature style.

Being a foodie herself, Archana writes recipes for a food lover and for an everyday cook that can be relished for every occasion. Her style in photography and passion for food and nutrition make her recipes stand out among the many.  She is a passionate cook who believes in making healthy world vegetarian food using locally available ingredients and modern cooking techniques.

Archana has helped us put together this specific list of her recipes for cancer patients, during and after chemotherapy. 

Archana Doshi Recipes

Written Recipes