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Rashmi Jha

I am at the heights of happiness and peace within just by donating my hair for making wigs for cancer patients which would be provided to them ‘Free of cost’ through “ (Madat Trust).” I am glad to help someone to restore their self-esteem and confidence, which they lose during the process of chemotherapy, through my 17 inches long hair. I have been growing my hair since 3 years only with the reason to be able to donate it for someone who needs it more than I do. And the fact that someone unknown around the world is going to wear the wig made from my donated hair. Here is my little gift with love, for one of those already strong women to make them more strong. Hope my little gift make them more beautiful and give power to fight back.  Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the whole world for that one person.Thanks  for providing a platform to give something back to the society. This was a great experience. Honestly, I am eagerly waiting for my hair to grow again so I can donate it once again. If you’re reading this and have never donated your hair before, WHAT’RE YOU WAITING FOR? Share a piece of yourself with someone. It feels great! Trust me! !

-Rashmi Jha