Rahul Shimpukade

It was always something on my bucket list, I just never thought I’d have the chance, or the guts, to do it. I always wanted to donate hairs to cancer patients, so that someone going through chemo would not have to feel self-conscious about losing their hair. It was the least that we could do to support them in their fight against Cancer. Cancer has touched so many lives. Thought that I can give someone restored confidence in their looks while fighting this terrible disease, is what kept me motivated.
Growing hairs isn’t easy & we certainly have to be ready to go through phases wherein we will be judged for our looks. If anyone out there reading this has been thinking of donating hair, please don’t worry about what people will say. Either way, people will talk. Beauty is about the warmth that the person radiates and the attitude one carries, and outward appearance makes no difference. We are all conditioned to think a certain way, and that conditioning has no basis, no truth. The only truth is what we feel in our hearts. Your intention for this cause is what matters. As someone rightly said, “Hair’s will come back in a few weeks, but the gesture will be forever”.
It was a rewarding experience and it made me feel good to know I managed to make a small difference in someone’s life.
– Rahul Shimpukade