Rachna Mehta

To give you a background of my hair donation. A college friend of mine had mentioned about her donation deed 6 months back. Her name is aditi purohit. I was pregnant at that point in time and she did mention it takes about a year to grow the desirable length of donation. It was then when I had mentally decided I wanted to do this at some point. On 5th March 2020, my son, arsh turned 4 months and it was my 4th year anniversary. I decided it was time. What better way to mark this milestone than to give a smile to someone who would find joy in every little thing. Just the way my son has taught me. I have donated 13 inches of my hair. And I do not have the best of pictures but I hope it does the trick. My husband thinks I’ve never looked cuter (because of the new bob, which makes me look like my 4 year old niece , and reminds my parents of my school Days). I felt like I wanted to celebrate this, besides taking pride. It’s very rare to see me honne a smile. And yesterday I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

-Rachna mehta