Puja Mitra 

Cancer, another name for the biggest fight against death, It’s a battle for life. I became aware of this deadly disease through a very close aquitance in my family. Being a social worker myself, I find peace in my heart that I am able to contribute something, maybe a fraction, to a bigger cause.Those who go through this super expensive treatment sometimes find fear of being getting judged by the society for the hair loss which is completely natural but sadly it’s the truth. Hair for girls is a thing of identity, admiration and self respect. Losing it is a heartbreak for many.
I, after getting inspired from an elder sister, Madhushri Mahinder, I immediately took this initiative to donate my hairs to the fighters of cancer. And wish to inspire other girls alike in the future to come forward and be the reason for a good cause.
May God cure all the cancer patients at the earliest and we try our best to stand beside the frontiers.

-Puja Mitra