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Priti Kapoor Sundar

Priti Kapoor Sundar 1

“I experienced hair loss as after effect of Typhoid, when I was 20 years old. I had recovered from Typhoid but I lost my long, thick, lustrous hair. I did not lose it in one shot , I went through the pain of watching my hair fall like wool from my head every day in thick bunches. The pangs of anxiety would grip me every time I would begin to comb.  It was not just my hair reducing to the thickness of my little finger but also reduction of my self-esteem, confidence and everything self. But gradually, as I became healthier, my hair grew back to its original thickness and lustre. This made me empathetic to the sea of change one goes through at the psychological level when one’s crowning glory is damaged. So the moment I came across an article on hair donation in the newspaper my decision was made. I chopped of 29 inches of hair length for making wigs. This is my way of showing that I care and support in the healing process of those who are already fighting a bigger battle. Today I feel that by donating my hair I have not only helped the receiver but also helped myself feel more beautiful and worthwhile in my own eyes . Happy Hair Donation!! ” – Priti Kapoor Sundar