Prathna Parth Trivedi

I donate my hair. To those to whom i don’t know, But felt the pain,the grief & low, The suffering of cancer from head to toe which made me tear & in woe, Those blad heads Looking for new hair which they don’t show, so I gifted my thoughts & prayers of mellow and donated my beautiful bestie hair with respectful bow. Though few things can never change, But i knew deep down in my heart That few things can still change so i convinced  my part of me, To move on & let my hairdresser  scavenge
My hair for the patients which i heartily  arrange it’s been few days of that counter change  and i still feel proud  with this new transformation  exchanged..! Big thanks to copewithcancer. They are so supportive. And How can i forget  My husband..!! Thank you so much Parth trivedi.
– Prathna Parth Trivedi