Papiya Dey

I would love to inform that when i decide to cut my hair i thought i wont waste it. If my hair can help a brave person who is fighting with a monster called cancer. May be this little contribution can make them smile. so i started  searching organisations who can help me to reach to the warrior and i finally find you people. I went through your website and it made me happy, i felt like i got the right place. I really want to thank you people for this amazing work you are doing. I have seen my aunt fighting with this disease. Thanks for thinking about them and helping them. I have sent you my part of donation in the address given in your website for making wig for a cancer fighter. I hope in future i can also be a part of your organisation and will try to do as much as possible for them. Wish you people all the best. keep going on like this. 

-Papiya Dey