No paperwork seen (which is mandatory otherwise) as the young man needed immediate care

A young boy all of 21 years waiting at MSW dept of Tata Memorial Hospital.

Financial aid being given out to the ones in need. A social worker approaches the Madat team, with the young boy towing along with her. A little weary n apprehensive , he is staring into nowhere. The social worker requests if we can help this boy out. He is a case of Hodgkins Lymphoma..needs surgery but has a chronic ear prob. He needs to get a test done which only one particular Lab does in Mumbai. Predictable he is financially challenged, so needs Madat’s help.

Without any more clarifications the Madat team agrees readily. No paperwork, no file is seen( which is mandatory otherwise ) as this young man needs immediate care. The particular laboratory is called ,they also agree to provide a discount. An appointment is fixed and immediate financial help is provided for the test. This boy leaves with a hopeful look in his eyes.

Madat volunteer needs to accompany this young man to the lab. Its done. Personally the volunteer goes to the lab with the charming young guy who now greets with a big beautiful smile. Tests are completed ! The look of glee on the young boy’s face says it all !


Madat volunteer n the young man part ways but now hv a connection for life. He always meets the Madat volunteer at the helpdesk at Tata Hospital. Chats happen, treatment is discussed n talks abt his fears are put to rest at #Madat.

He knows now that he has the support of the entire team of Madat.


– Vandana Mahajan