Nireekshana. V

It all started by the short story that I have written (title: The best decision of a lifetime) which is about a girl who donates her hair for her friend who is combating cancer.I didn’t conceive of donating my hair until I actually put everything into a story. I always had pretty long hair since my childhood, my mom never allowed me to chop my hair short, my haircut would always restrict to an inch or two maximum, because my mom was always obsessed with my hair……not just my mom, everyone I know loved my hair. So when I decided to donate my hair, my parents accepted it with no second thought, and I was so proud that my parents are actually encouraging me to do so. After chopping off my hair short, everyone started asking me “why” and I was really pissed off by their very thought, every time someone asks me “why did I donate my long hair” my parents interrupt and say that it was for a cause and she’ll grow back her hair but the people who are going through chemotherapy can’t. And I think everyone needs to understand the fact that it is so hard sometimes to remain bald and it so happens that people don’t be the way they were before they had hair. My parents and I are so proud that we helped someone who really needs it.

-Nireekshana. V