Mousumi Saha

One day, while surfing Facebook, I came across a reel, where a small girl of 3-4 years doesn’t want to go to school as she is bald. She was suffering from cancer and as a side effect of chemotherapy, she lost her hair. She was ashamed of herself as she looks different from others!! then an NGO gifted her a wig. Her smile is a sight to behold!!! She was so happy. She kissed her hair and caressed it. Tears rolled down from my eyes. That was the day I get to know about hair donation.

I am always short hair girl. Never have had long hair in my life. But I started to grow my hair to reach the minimum length of 12 inches for donation. Frankly speaking, it was tough. At least tough for me. I am more like Dora than Rapunzel. But it feels great when you are doing something selflessly. The donation is not for 80C, it’s not for looking good. But preparing something only to donate feels amazing!!! I am very happy that I have done my bit to make someone smile!

– Mousumi Saha