Many patients walk up and express the desire to be a part of Madat Trust

At one of the post op counselling sessions at Tata Memorial Hospital, many such smiles were put in their right places, the faces of the patients and their caregivers. The word cancer invokes a dreaded sense of fear in majority of the patients and their families. Their world comes crashing down and they presume that it is the end of the road for them.

But when they interact with a survivor , the sense of loss is replaced by a sense of hope.

And if the Madat volunteer counselling the post op patients is herself a survivor the hope in the patients turns into a desire to live.

A counselling session that begins with tears in the eyes and despair in the hearts , in a span of 2:30 hours turns into a group of giggling , smiling, pessimistic and hopeful people. Many patients walk up to the volunteer and shake hands , exchange hugs and express the desire to be a part of Madat. The volunteer beams with satisfaction and is ever so gratful to #Madat for letting her be a part of this wonderful institution.

The ethos of selfless service that the volunteer has imbibed from the values on which Madat is based has helped so many patients turn into survivors.


– Vandana Mahajan