Mansi Gangurde

Actually I used read some news about diseases and all and I use instagram a lot . At that time I was just scrolling my Instagram  I seen a picture of a girl I don’t know her name but that meme page was so proud of her and I too was proud of her that she donated her hairs. And for many days I was thinking of it then I started to talk to my parents about it and they permitted me to donate my hairs. Firstly I I had an boy cut but then I shaved my head because I think if the people whose hairs are not growing or they have to cut their hairs for any disease feel insecure sometimes so just want to know them that they are not alone who has to shave their head we normal people also can do it . And we respect them too. So I got your website from Google and I immediately made contact with you and want you to tell that I want to donate my hairs . Thanks If you read this mail.
– Mansi Gangurde