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Manisha Pritmani

I got a message from my cousin one day, she was pregnant and wanted to do a good cause and welcome the baby in this world. She was going to donate her hair to an NGO in the UK. A thought came into my mind that I have such long hair and I can also do something similar so I asked around and tried to find an NGO to give my hair. I feel that the universe listens to you when you want to do something good. A friend at work mentioned that her sister recently donated her hair and that’s how I came to know about Cope with Cancer Foundation. I then told myself that I had to donate my hair before the end of this year. It took me a few months to prepare myself to give my hair up as I had never cut my hair so short ever before but I gained the strength and got a thought that when I can donate something when I am alive and if that can get a smile on someone’s face then there is no reason to not do it. I am sure that my hair will grow back.

-Manisha Pritmani