Manisha J. Kumavat

Every Girl loves her hair as I do, My hairs are really very precious to me, from childhood I don’t even like if anyone even touch my hair. Few year’s Later, when I heard that my close Aunt has cancer and when I saw her without hair It just triggered my emotions really hard. Then a thought came in my mind, what If, I loss my hair in any disease, it’s hard to even imagine. I have lost my Grandfather in childhood, he had cancer. We can’t help them to recover from Cancer but We can do the needful. When I was just scrolling and searching queries on Child help Trust or NGO then I came across to Cancer hair Donation trust. A little thought of sharing my thing with those who need that encouraged me to donate my hair. It’s hard to donate something you love but when It comes to share your life’s little part of happiness with others then you should not think twice. The feeling of being able to see smile on someone’s face because of you is precious then anything else so share your kindness with people selflessly who need it.

– Manisha J. Kumavat