Manisha Dharmesh Valia

I have been wanting to donate my hair for quite some time in honour of my husband, Mr. Dharmesh Valia, a Cancer fighter who passed away last year on the 9th of February due to Renal Cell Carcinoma Metastasis.My husband was a true fighter, an amazing and incredibly supportive husband and father, the best friend, a wonderful son and brother and the strongest Man I’ve ever known.All through his battle he remained as strong as a rock for me and my family. My elder daughter, Upasana Valia had donated her hair last year and I have been wanting to do the same since then, recently I noticed that my hair was finally long enough to donate it so I went and got it cut first thing! I hope whoever receives this hair stays strong, and has a long and healthy life!
– Manisha Dharmesh Valia.