Maithily Raje

A Good Deed…Life full of content.. The thought of hair donation has been on my mind. I wanted to do something for them which brings positivity in their lives. One challenge for me was that I was a short haired person. Started my journey by taking the first step of growing long hair for this cause. It was a year long journey to grow 12 inches of hair. Then the ultimate decision came: shaving off the head rather than cutting some length of hair. Within seconds I was ready for it, as it would bring me even closer to the cause. Next day, shaved off my head, packed the hair to courier it. Due to lockdown, I was patiently waiting for 8 months till you opened again. This journey has been so fulfilling for me. I really hope it lifts someone’s spirit and helps them in growing their self-esteem. Support the cause, Transform other’s lives..!!!  Hope this helps in spreading more awareness. 

-Maithily Raje