Madhupriya Karmakar

My late grandfather Sri Sunil Kumar Karmakar had passed away while suffering from Cancer. I was very young. My family tell me about him from time to time and I was able to develop the sympathy and feel for every cancer patients and their family for what they went through and are going through.
My mother especially initiated this donation and has been enthusiastic till the end. There are people who supported me and helped me when they were informed of my wish. I am really very grateful that I got this opportunity to make my hair useful to someone who needs it. Even though I’m donating hair in order to help them, I know that I cannot take their physical pain as well as mental pain. But I hope I will be able to relief someone from their sadness. I learned that to make a full wig, one person’s hair is not enough. Therefore I hope that my donation will be able to help in complete making one wig and more people will take this step and co-operate with organisation like yours. I wish to continue helping people with what I have. Thank you very much for running this organisation.

-Madhupriya Karmakar