We at Madat call them “miracle humans”

The Madat family is proud to be interacting with children of hope. We at madat call them miraclehumans. These fighters are knowledgeable. They don’t know what is taught at school but they know when the platelet count is down, they know when Hb is down, they know when they need Grafeel injection, they know that it will be a while before they can eat pani Puri. They know that #chemo #radiation is tough but they also know that they are tougher. They choose not to get bogged by this challenge. They are fighters! At madat copewithcancer the volunteers interact with them personally. The talks are about the promising future these miracle children have. The talks are fun, about poems they recite, pictures they draw ! At madat, connections are built with these resilient ones through messenger conversations ! The need is to help them feel connected to the world outside. We strive to bring normalcy back in their lives.


I would like to share the incredible life of a young girl of 11years of age named Preeti Nag.

As of now she is undergoing treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital. Madat is in regular contact with her. Assistance is provided whenever needed. Madat has promised to see her through the treatment with all possible help that is in their hands. We will be the happiest to see the little princess head for home when the treatment gets over.


– Vandana Mahajan