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Lyndin D’penha

Lyndin D'penha

Thank you for your work in helping cancer affected patients and easing their pain as much as possible. We would like to thank you for the opportunity to join in the fight against cancer. As for my wife and me it is far more personal as I have lost my grandfather and grandmother to cancer and my wife’s mother is cancer survivor too. It was a concept which my wife introduced me to and it was fun to see the reactions of people when we were growing our hair and now that it’s cut for a cause. This process has made me realise the stigma that a cancer affected patient goes through when they suffer from hairfall. It’s one thing to stand at a safe distance and sympathise with people, its a whole different ball game to step inside their shoes and feel their pain & even that is just a drop in the ocean as compared to what the patient undergoes. We do hope that this will create awareness and many more people who we have referred to your website of all genders will join in this cause to fight cancer. We pray much blessings and success on Madat Trust and all their endeavours and for all the patients that you’ll work with. – Lyndin D’penha