Lagnajita Ghosh

Cancer treatment causes patients to lose their hair. We, women are very fond of having long hair. But we should remember that the hair growth can be possible in each day. And even we cut our hair often too. So why we don’t use it for peoples’ good. We can donate it to the cancer patients as well. Just like donating blood, hair donation is also need for cancer patients. A wig can give a look as well as mental support to the cancer survivors. For donating hair all we have to need is to having good will, good intention and good mentality. So, I personally request all of the people who are going through this, please groom yourself with good mentality first, prepare yourself for that like having good care of your hair, treating it well as you can donate hair in good condition. Hope all of us can do this. All of us can spread love to each other. We cannot stop spreading or cannot extinct the disease fully but all we can spread is ‘LOVE’, ‘SMILE’ & ‘STRENGTH’.Hope we have cancer free world in mere future. 
– Lagnajita Ghosh