Kanika Kumari

Born in a village, now I am growing up in a city like Delhi and preparing myself to face challenges of this modern world. I am now studying in class 8th in a reputed Jaypee Public school, Noida.I am blessed to stay together with all my family members. My grandmother has been the inspiring force, always been my mentor and guiding me in this journey. Her love and support have instilled enormous confidence in me. Recently when she was diagnosed with cancer, our family went through extremely difficult situation. Covid added to our woes and her treatment during that period was critical for us. Being youngest in the family, I was always in dilemma not knowing how to stand by her and tell her that you are not alone.I got trained and started applying compression bandage to her on daily basis to overcome her lymphedema issues. Still, I remained in numbed condition seeing her losing hairs. We fought together and happy to see her coming back . I wonder sometimes about so many patients undergoing these suffering, I decided to do something which will give comfort and support and improve their confidence. At this stage came to know about this organization “cope with cancer” and decided to donate my long hairs for someone who may need it for a wig. This was very small gesture and I feel like doing it again whenever possible. Thanks and appreciate you guidance and support.
-Kanika Kumari