Hair Donors

Hair Donors

I’m very glad to have got the chance to donate my hair..apart from being a doctor i hope i can make a difference in someone’s life by donating my hair..thank you for giving me the opportunity.– Utkarsha Basakhetre

I am so happy and satisfied to be inspired by a friend of mine and be able to donate my hair for a noble cause and try bringing a smile on a patient’s face. I since a child was very possessive, particular and passionate about my hair. So I know how it feels when you loose your hair. I pray and wish all the patients good luck and feel very happy and satisfied by cutting my hair short for a good cause.– Jyotsana J Topiwala

I am glad to donate my hair for this noble purpose. I am lucky to have long and silky hair and it is something in our heredity. So i am sure my hair will grow again and i wish to donate again. i will encourage others also to do it. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.– Maitreyee Karne, age 14 years

Being inspired by a friend and premeditated efforts for over a year, I am sending over my contribution to your organisation. Hoping that it makes someone’s Rapunzel fairytale come true!!– Devangi Ladhawala

I was inspired by my cousin and donated my silky hair to make a wig for the people who suffer from one of the deadliest disease called cancer. I was so excited as well as amazed that I did such a worthy thing. Everyone around me is super proud and I got lots of touchy comments. After cutting my hair my head felt sooo light (almost felt like a feather) and I was really proud that my hair will be used for bringing a smile on some patients face.– Zayee Ajmera, 9 years

Donation is indeed a noble cause. But donating something like our own hair, which takes years of care and potion to grow is truly something that gives me immense pride and sense of satisfaction. I feel great to gift something that I loved the most, to someone who needs it the most! With the donation of my locks of love, I have inspired at least a couple of them to donate hair in the near future. Thank you for helping me to do so..Keep doing the amazing work!– Pranjali Galgali

All i know is that i need to do lots ahead for helping mankind. A first step i took is to donate hair .. and mostly happy because my dad supported though being part of conservative family.It just feels good – Sumedha Singh

Hair has been attached to beauty of women since time immemorial. Only a Women can understand the pain of losing her hair due to some illness. I appreciate your efforts in providing free wigs to the underprivileged and therefore donating my Locks of love for my fellow human. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness in doing so. Awaiting for my hair to grow, so that it can be of use again – G Bharathi Kamath

On having a change of hair style after few hesitations. I decided to go for it and during the hair cut my mother in law suggested the idea of donating my hair since she had heard it somewhere. So I collected the sample and googled the same and found that it is indeed possible. On learning about it I felt great that my hair could be of some use in the help of cancer patients who will definitely need it to boost back their confidence while recuperating. Thus, I would suggest anyone reading this to contribute in such a manner if possible. It is surely a satisfying experience. – Deepti Menon

Being a girl, I know how much I value my hair. By putting my feet into the shoes of a cancer patient, I can only imagine how hard and traumatising it must be to deal with everything. Losing hair completely is almost like losing my self-esteem and it is probably the same for all. Therefore, on hearing that hair can be donated, I immediately made up my mind to do so on my birthday. Finally, after inquiring about wig makers and the procedure, I cut about 18 inches of my hair. Now that my cascade is in the making of a wig, I love my blunt hair cut. It makes me feel really great that I was able to do this. Since initially few people knew about my donating hair, when everyone saw me, I was asked questions like “Where’s the rest of you?” And to their surprise when I told them what I had done they were all so proud of me. I feel grand that so many people wished me well and felt like a much better human being on contributing little that I could. I have been given so many blessings from friends, family, family of friends as well as friends of family. – Krishna Shah 16 years

I was touched by the thought that my hair could be useful to someone who is a cancer patient. I was eager to cut and donate my long hair on hearing about cope with cancer from my mom. I had long hair since so many years that I was a little nervous to begin with, to chop it off in a few minutes.I am very proud that my hair is being used for a good cause and now also happy I look nice in my short hair! – Sana Jankharia


I’m a 21 year old engineering student. Deciding to donate my hair for the benefit of cancer patients was a very impulsive decision and so far one of the best decisions I have ever made. Hair is something that makes a girl look attractive. I’m blessed with beautiful hair that has the potential of growing back . In just a matter of months I can get it back but it’s not so simple for people going through exhausting rounds of chemo therapy . So by compromising on the way I look just for a little while I can help make someone else look beautiful and gain back their self confidence This gesture is exceptionally satisfying and rewarding. – Niharika Patel

In over six years that it took for my hair to grow this long, i have achieved so much. Now, it embarks on a new journey to women who are in need of it. I am happy to give it to someone who will care for it the way I have! My sweet, beautiful, lovely black locks, I bid you farewell & hope that you will keep your next owner happier thanI am now sending you off! – Nayonika Joy patankar



I love wearing my hair in all sorts of braids and buns & would always spend at least half an hour on my hair before going out for a party or an outing. Recently, while reading a book called The Fault In Our Stars by John Green where the protagonist was an inspiration from a real-life cancer sufferer. While surfing the net I found that donating one’s hair is one of the many ways of helping cancer patients. Now that my hair is being used for a good cause, I do not mind having short hair. So I made up my mind to make a difference in someone’s life. – Sagarika Jaiswal


I love looking at myself in the mirror and swaying my hair, braiding it and doing all sorts of styling with it. But then i also realised that its hair… It grows back. I have always been very sensitive towards issues such as cancer and I think how small things matter to the patients,, how it helps them cope with the disease better. And that is what drove me to chop off so much of my hair… Watching a smile on someones face when she combs through her ‘new’ hair… It’s priceless. To share some of my happiness with the patients who are suffering with cancer – Janvi shah


I am 14 years old and take pride in having donated my hair – I feel I have gone back to my childhood days with the memories of my short hair. In fact I am looking forward to donating my hair again as soon as it grows. – Tvisha K Mehta