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Financial Aid at Tata Memorial




Cancer patients and their families undergo physical, emotional, mental trauma and could also get devastated financially.

All patients are personally screened weekly by the CEO / Managing Trustee / Senior Team in the MSW department of Tata Hospital on basis of documentation and case-files.

Currently only general concessional category of patients registered in Tata Hospital are aided. Funds sufficient to cover the patient’s treatment plan for the following week are added in the patient’s Trust account in Tata Hospital and cannot be used outside Tata under any circumstances. No funds are given directly to the patients.

This meticulous work ensures that the funds are deployed exactly when they are needed and for what they were intended for. 

Donations received are ONLY used for Financial Support to economically underprivileged  patients for investigations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and supportive hospital care in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

Appreciation Letter from Tata Memorial Hospital

Be a part of our activities: Let’s join hands to make a difference in someone’s life! Celebrate Birthdays / Anniversaries / Special Occasions by making a small contribution.

A contribution as small as INR 2500 can partially fund a patient’s chemotherapy, surgery or even help get investigations done!

Important to note that we spend less than 2.5% on admin expenses. Nearly all of your money gets used for patient care. 

We have presented below an average cost of what it takes to fund treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital.  

Madat Charitable Trust is a registered charitable trust and all donations are exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Support Needed For Discounted cost in Rs
CT scan Contrast Enhanced 3000
MRI Contrast Enhanced 3500
PET CT Contrast Enhanced 7500
Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy 2000 – 10,000
ICU stay / Supportive care 5000 – 10,000
Surgery without consumables / implants 5000 – 25,000

Funds used in Tata Memorial Hospital

Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy 70%
Surgery 14%
Investigations like PET CT, MRI 11%
Supportive ICU care 5%

Increasing our coverage

Since September 2014, on an average, 100 patients per month are supported at Tata Hospital, Mumbai. We have till March of 2016 have assisted close to 2000 patients.
Care is taken that the money deposited into the Patient Trust account is used for the a specific purpose only. Keeping the wish of our donors and the need of the patient in mind, our process ensures that the funds are used for what it was specifically intended for. With the success of this model at one location and with the help of our growing team of volunteers, we have now extended our reach to Actrec Tata Hospital at Kharghar.


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Support our current activities at Tata Memorial Hospital.

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Support our current activities and allow us to address other economically challenged categories at Tata Memorial Hospital.

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Fund medical services that can be delivered at government and private hospitals at special discounted rates.


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