Our endeavour is to take that extra step

Our endeavour is to take that extra step beyond the specified to help patients and their families out. We don’t believe in giving up. We at Madat believe that if we have been entrusted with the responsibility of helping a cancer patient out, we shall do whatever is in our capacity and a wee bit more too.

One such case is that of A Female patient diagnosed with carcinoma of the breast and also of the uterus. Her son all through the last 3 months has been interacting with the Madat volunteers at help desk at Tata Memorial Cancer hospital. Constant efforts of surgery failed because of certain issues. The patient and the caregiver were totally heartbroken and disillusioned. There came a point when the son of the patient simply gave up ! The distraught son called the Madat volunteer for help. He was so emotionally drained. He said that he and his mother would give up on life too!

We at Madat believe that everyone deserves to live, each and every life is important!

Madat got into action. Timely intervention not only saved a life but also gave a reason for the family of the patient to smile. Their faith in humanity has been restored !


– Vandana Mahajan