“An emotionally healthy parent helps heal their children better”

Our volunteers conduct counselling sessions at the Pediatric ward at Tata memorial cancer hospital.


Cancer is a dreaded word. It has emotionally drained many families. The treatment, the stigma, the myths associated with #cancer are few challenges that are faced by the cancer patient and their caregivers.

If a young child is diagnosed with it , the stress on the parents is intense. It gets very difficult for the family/ caregivers to go through with the treatment of their child with a straight face. The children heal quickly but it’s their parents who hurt the most. To see their child undergo such rigorous and toxic treatment , to see their children suffer due to pain and surgery breaks many parents.


We at Madat know that the patient will be attended to. Doctors attending to the child will treat him/her. But who will there for the parents ! The madat volunteers come into action at this point.

Madat volunteers interact the parents. They talk to the parents and help them in coping up with Cancer . A patient hearing, few kind words, a shoulder to cry on and educating them about their role in their Child’s life is discussed. A “positive parent” can not only help the child to cope up with the disease and the treatment but also helps the child in believing in life after cancer. A “confident parent” will help build self confidence in the young patients.

Cancer effects not only the patient but also the family. Our motto at the pediatric ward is “An emotionally healthy parent helps heal their children better”. We constantly strive for it.

“Good deeds should be done with intention, not attention!”


– Vandan Mahajan