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Dr Rajni Gwalani.

Dr Rajni GwalaniI would certainly love to share my thoughts.
It’s been since couple of years I wished to donate my hair but my hair used to be short so I grew them  it took me nearly 2 years to do that. I always thought other parts of my body I can donate after death but hair is one thing I can donate when I am alive. Finally that day dawned and my dream came true and I could donate my hair and at least they will remain alive on someone who very much needs it and bring smile on her face. I made it my mission to motivate more and more people. Luckily have been able to send you 9 chotis in last 2 months.<!–more–> IMA chembur has adopted this project under my Community Services chairmanship as a permanent  project.
It’s indeed our pleasure  to do something  for our dear sisters in the community.
Pleasure is ours